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The Prairie Forge is honored to have been selected to design and build three livestock branding irons for
The President of the United States;
George W. Bush.

These branding irons were presented to him on January 19, 2001
in honor of his inauguration.

President Bush enjoying a custom branding iron made by Prairie Forge
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• Photo courtesy of Marty LaVor• All Rights Reserved •
• 771 Lookout Court • Alexandria Virginia 22306 •

Can we build one of our personalized branding irons for you?

Authentic Western Branding Irons

  Personalized Steak Branding Irons
Personalized steak branding irons and small branding irons Terrific small branding irons for your steaks or boards. 1 1/2" high characters made of 1/4" sq. iron placed on a 10" long handle.
Absolutely a hoot!

Working Branding Irons (livestock)

Legal working branding irons These are livestock, working branding irons, with 4" characters made of 1/4" by 1" flat iron bar on a 36" long handle. They work great for branding cattle, horses or your barn.

Brand Type
1 Character 2 Characters 3 Characters 4 Characters
Personalized Branding Irons
$24.00 $28.00 $32.00 $36.00
Working Brands
$70.00 $80.00 $90.00 $100.00

Legal working branding irons Texas and Star brands available for $24.00

Please allow 2 weeks for orders. If you have a special date the item is needed, please talk with us. We will do everything we can to work with you.

Refund Policy
No refunds on custom hand made items.
If we make a mistake, we will fix it or replace it.


Cowboy holderSteak Size only
Cowboy Holder
Shepherd's HookSteak Size only
Shepherd's Hook
Single Hook
Single Hook
Livestock Branded Board - $20.00
Branded board for branding irons"Steak Size"
Board Holder/Plaque

Fire Place Sets?

Custom made fireplace set

Below are some of the options you can choose from when ordering your custom made fireplace set. Please allow
6 - 8 weeks for delivery. You will be pleased!

Your choice of designs shown
Basic Set: shovel, broom and poker $150.00
Regular Set: shovel, broom, poker and wall mount holder $170.00
Deluxe Set: shovel, broom, poker and matching floor stand $190.00

How about a Bull head
or a Ram head on the end?

Try our fireplace tools with a bull head or ram head!

Maybe one of these jewels?

Custom made fireplace tools from Prairie Forge
More of our custom fireplace tools.  Try them for your home!

NEW BRAND Note cards!

Brand note cards with your brand on them!

Now you can share your Western style with these great little note cards
that are blank inside. A set of 12 cards with envelopes tied with twine
are a great little gift to yourself or someone else. Historic brands from
six different states; Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, California
and Arizona just $12.00 per set and $2.00 shipping (ships free if combined
with iron order).

New Personalized Brand note cards, with your brand on them.

Please Specify: States cards or Personalized with your brand


Cowboys Own Brand Book

The Cowboy's Own Brand Book by Duncan Emrich
A perfect little book to help you understand how to create, read and
design your own branding iron. Chapters include:

  • How to read a complete brand
  • How to read single letters
  • the Numbers
  • The figures
  • Picture Brands
  • Warning brands Rustlers' Brands
  • How to design your own brand
  • How to keep a brand book

A must have for everyone interested in branding irons just $4.50 + $2.00

NEW Ironclad Signatures Book
by Jane Pattie

Cattle Brands by Jane Pattie

A beautiful 164 page hardbound book on the best collection of branding irons found anywhere - the Leonard Stiles Collection at the Cattle Raisers Museum of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Foundation in Fort Worth Texas. This book is filled with history, packed with pictures and loaded with the specifics on over 1000 brands in this book. A must have for the greenhorn cowboy, or the cowboy buff of your house. At a great price of only $30.00 weight 2 lbs plus shipping.


Brand Key chains!


Try our brand key chains with your initials on them!
  Buckinghorse and Rider key chain for $12.00

WOW now you can tell your keys from everyone else's with your very
own Brand Key Chain! Place a single letter or connect two letters and watch your keys stand out in a herd! (most letters will work) How about setting your initial on a rocker? the possibilities are almost endless! $10.00- $12.00 ea depending upon design.



Try our branding iron gift certificates

Are you in a hurry? Need a quick gift?
We will gladly send you or a friend a gift certificate for a branding iron and/or accessory and will help them to redeem it at a later date. Makes giving that WESTERN hospitality a little easier. Just call and chat with Cathy, she will help you tell your friends or family you are thinking of them!



We ship via UPS.
Additional shipping charges to cover the
UPS shipping will apply.

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Refund policy:

No cash refunds. Each item is custom handmade. We will work to correct our mistakes and make you happy. But we do not give cash or credit card refunds.
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